Steps to register as a translator member:

Step 1

Register your account ID & password
Register the account ID and password you want to use. Mytrans will send you a verification mail to the email address you give.

Step 2

Fill in personal information
Confirm your registration from the verification mail. Then fill in your personal information.

Step 3

Verification of your personal information
Mytrans will verify your personal information. Once approved, you can fill in your language specialties (language pair, expertise etc.)

Step 4

Registration completed
Your registration is completed. You can take projects either by applying projects yourself or by accepting clients' project invitations.
  Make sure the following before your registration as a translator member:
1. Your age is at least 20 and you are a R.O.C citizen or have residence permit in Taiwan.
2. Your payment is made to the account under the name of the registered member and the bank account is in Taiwan.
Join as a Translator
8 to 50 alphanumeric characters, leading character must be an alphabet. Space and symbols other than "_" are not allowed.
8 to 12 alphanumeric characters, at least one alphabet character is uppercase.
Used when you forgot your password. Enter hint such as your girlfriend's mobile number, height, name of pet, etc. Do not enter your actual password.
Make sure your email is able to receive the verification email.
I have read all the content of Terms of Service and I agree to accept all the terms and conditions
If you have made registration, but don't receive the verification mail, check if it is treated as spam. To resend the mail or change email address, click here.