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  Mytrans Online Service Pack A  
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  15,000 points of convenient and fast translation service for you

Use multilingual online service with features of dictionary, text, web and file translation provided only for Mytrans members.
Download and use various Mytrans time-based softwares such as Transwhiz Points in an economic way.

Points: 15,000
Expiry date: Three years after the date storing points to member account

Available translation languages:   

English to Chinese (GB, BIG5)
Chinese (GB, BIG5) to English
Japanese to Chinese (GB, BIG5)
Chinese (GB, BIG5) to Japanese
Chinese (BIG5) to Chinese (GB)
Chinese (GB) to Chinese (BIG5)

Dictionary Lookup
Find details such as part-of-speech, translation and example for a word or phrase. Besides basic dictionary, a variety of professional dictionaries are also available.

Text Translation
Translate a maxium 6,000 characters of text with selected translation options and a variety of professional dictionaries.

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Web Translation
Translate the URL you give with selected transltion options and a variety of professional dictionaries.

File Translation
Translate the file you upload and mail the translation output to your email address. File formats supported now are: Word file (.DOC), Excel file (.XLS), PowerPoint file (.PPT), HTML file (.HTM) and text file (.TXT).

Charge of point:

Online service:
0.2 point for each single word

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Mytrans's online translation is based on Machine Translation technology, therefore, the translation result can only be a reference. Post-editing is necessary in the case of high accuracy. Mytrans takes no responsibility for any commercial dealings done on the basis of this online translation. Also, users will not be allowed to offend the Intellectual Property of the authors of the original contents with the translation done here.


For online services or downloadable items, we will store points to your account or send the registration number or URL to you via email after your payment is confirmed and no physical item will be sent.
If you don't receive a notification mail from us in 24 hours, please contact with us at Member Center

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We don't accept exchanges and returns for software, videotapes, CD, VCD, DVD, magazines, online services or downloadable products/information.

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