Translation Price and Time

How to calculate the translation pricePrice/Time calculator

Translation price is calculated per word. The price per word is decided by you. First, upload the source document(s) and wait for auto-calculation of word count by Mytrans. Then, set the price per word for your project according to the translation language, expertise and delivery time of the project.

Minimum price per word

Though Mytrans translators are all screened and with above average level, the price and delivery time of your project are decided by you. Mytrans sets the minimum price per word only. Once the translator accepts your setting of price and delivery time, you can pay the project fee to commence the project.

◎ If the source language is Chinese, Japanese and Korean, the minimum unit price is per character. Otherwise, it is per word.
◎ Raise the unit price adequately to increase the translator's interest of accepting the project if the delivery time is tight or the project is with advanced profession.
◎ The daily workload is only an averaged amount. It varies with different translators.

There are no additional charges beside the project fees.

Project Credits

For easy management, consignors are required to pay a 500元 project posting fee even if the quote is less than 500元. The remaining balance will be reserved for future projects. Should the consignor want a refund of the remaining balance, a 150元 administration fee will apply.


Translators are not responsible for any typesetting work when engaged in the translation projects. However, the paragraph formatting of translation will be arranged either in the same manner as the original or in the form of paragraph contrast if consignors request.